Power Curve™

What is it? How Can It Help My Home and Business?

Power Curve™ is all you need to help protect and extend the life of the things you use on a daily basis while helping the environment. Our special formula is designed to improve productivity, profitability and performance of your most valuable possessions.

You work hard already to invest on the right equipment for your business and home. Having the right maintenance that will extend the life of those things without voiding any warranties should be a breeze. We got you covered.

Attention: To All Innovate Product Owners
Yes, that’s YOU!

Gill Industries, and – Power Curve™ is committed to maintaining the operational systems of today and future vehicles, gas and diesel trucks and cars, motorcycles, boats, and small engines with a superior product line exceeding competitors capabilities by penetrating the porosity of metal and providing a smooth metal to metal operation, reducing friction and temperatures, thereby improving the economy of the engines operation.
Gill Industries - Power Curve™ formula does not contain chlorine, silicone, graphite, or Teflon (PTFE) and will not void any manufacturer's warranties. 

Power Curve™ formula does not change the chemical composition of the engine oil, the oil is merely used as a carrier for penetration to the “hot spots” problem areas. Power Curve™ formula eliminates cold start damage, because the product penetrates the metal and protects without engine oil being present.

Gill Industries – Power Curve™ fuel booster products enhance engine operation with alternative fuels such as ethanol and Biodiesel without adding sulfur. The use of Gill Industries – Power Curve™ products lowers emissions of harmful toxins released into the atmosphere.

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