About Us

Gill Industries is located in, and primarily serves the needs of the greater St. Louis, Missouri, and surrounding areas. Since 2009, our marketing strategies have been designed to provide the highest quality products and services to all segments of the global marketplace, while helping people to save money and enhance their lifestyles locally as well.

Meet Our Team

Leroy Gill, Jr.

President and Founder of Gill Industries, LLC

Leroy has been involved in the petroleum industry since June 2006. He successfully completed an extensive training that qualified him to become a distributor for another company that was involved in the industry. Leroy’s passion for sales and particularly for the quality and the value of the Power Curve products resulted in his achievement of an award for best sales as a result of his participation in a contest within the company. He has been a distributor of the Power Curve products since its inception in 2009. 

Leroy increases his knowledge of the petroleum industry by his consistent review of publications in field. In addition to Leroy’s involvement in the petroleum industry as a Power Curve distributor, He is the founding Senior Pastor of Jubilee Community Church, managing and overseeing the functioning of its many ministries.

He also formerly managed his own lawn care business, thus understanding from a business owner’s perspective the significance of equipment care and the need for exceptional petroleum products. He has unlimited access to an outstanding technical support management team comprised of Will Gober, Research and Development of Ecofuel, Inc. and Co-founder of Power Curve, Inc. and Gene Walker, Director of Operations of Power Curve, Inc. Gene Walker, as well as others, often refer to Leroy as a “man of integrity”, which is his benchmark for the manner in which he engages in business.

Will Gober

Research & Development President of Eterangy, Inc. and Co-founder of Eternagy Inc

Power Curve™ is a self-motivated entrepreneur with technical training through Western Texas College. Will has consulted for mining industry, Arizona-Nevada Limited Mining Company 1981-1986. In 1987 Will built a single technician auto and truck repair facility which grew to the largest independently owned shop, Will’s Auto Works, in Prescott and surrounding Yavapai County Arizona. Will’s technical skills are ASE, Automotive Service Excellence, 31 certifications qualified in 5 master certifications in different areas. 

Will is one of a handful of technicians in the United States capable of master certifications in Automobile, Medium and Heavy Truck, School Bus, Machinist, Equipment and Machinery, L-1 (advanced computer control, light duty), L-2 (advanced computer control, heavy duty).

Will sold Will’s Auto Works in 2003 to pursue Eterangy, Inc., a alternative fuel company. Will’s problem-solving skills promoted research into products which would limit the congealing properties of Biodiesel, and was introduced to the Eternagy Inc. - Power Curve formula. The Chemist who developed the
formula gleaned from Will’s mechanical experience and Will gleaned from the Chemical experience. A merging of the minds so to speak, it became evident that a business alliance would be lucrative.

Will’s & Lisa’s company Eterangy, Inc. joined with Eco-TX Energy Consultants LLC to establish Eternagy Inc. - Power Curve™ and began working to develop new product applications. Will is the mechanical and chemical expert to answer client’s technical questions regarding Eternagy Inc. - Power Curve products

Our mission

Our mission is to offer the finest products alongside the most comprehensive, customization services. Herein we create sustainable solutions that improve productivity, profitability and performance efficiencies for our clientele. The end result for our clients is a first-class customer satisfaction experience based on us being the most efficient and innovative global provider of our line of Xtreme Performance Metal Conditioners and Fuel Enhancement products. 

We accomplish these outcomes through our energy cost-reduction consultations, our distribution and marketing competencies, as well as with the creative, customization solutions we provide to our customers. Through the implementation and perpetual use of our products and services, an individual or organization can realize cost savings that range from 5-28.5% of their respective annual operating budgets.

Furthermore, because our products are second-to-none, our clients can achieve maximal profit growth, concurrent with a reduced bottom line, and the ability to maintain their infrastructure investments over longer intervals. 

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